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Rodent Control

Most rodent control services are a process of elimination.  Trapping is the most effective, however in some instances baiting may be necessary.  Our technician will also perform an inspection to determine any access points permitting the rodents entry.
Rodent Pest Control Services


Dusty gray with a cream belly.  Two and Half inches long to three and a three fourths inches long.
Brown Rat Pest Control Services

roof rats

Roof rats are long and thin rodents that have large eyes and ears.  Their nose is a bit pointed and there tail is scaley and their fur is smooth and soft.  They are normally brown with spots of black and underneath is white, gray or black.
Rat Pest Control Services


Brown with scattered black hairs, gray to white underside.  Long, heavily bodied, blunt muzzle.  Seven to nine and a half inches long.
Mouse Pest Control Services

Deer Mice

Brown, with white feet and underbelly.  Five to eight inches long.

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