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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if i have bed bugs?
The first indication of having bedbugs would be finding tiny blood stains in the bed, unexplained bite marks on the skin, or finding the insect itself.
Do you give a free estimate?
Yes. Contact our office for a free estimate.
How to prepare for a bedbug treatment?
1. Give technician full access. Remove all clutter.
2.  Beds should be stripped of all covers.
3.  Remove matress and box spring from frame and lean against wall
4.  Vacuum seams of mattress, box spring and frame/head and foot boards
5.  Empty night stands and dressers
6.  Launder and bag clothing
7.  Clear off all sofas and chairs
8. Special note:  It is the responsibility of the homeowner/tenant to remove dust covers from bottom of couches, chairs and box springs.  If it is not done prior to treatment it may be necessary for the technician to cut an access in order to complete treatment
9. Prepare all rooms to allow access to walls and baseboards-vacuum baseboards
10.  Wash bed linens and furniture covers
11. If you have recently traveled, make luggage available to technician
12.  Prior to servcice all pets must be removed
13.  Closet floors only should be cleared and vacuumed
14.  Electrical ooutlet covers in bedrooms, living areas, should be removed prior to service
15.  After initial treatment, both mattresses and box springs shoul be enclosed with a plastic or vinyl mattress encasement
16.  Any questions, please call our office


NOTE:  Occupants have an important pretreatment responsibility.  Reducing clutter is a necessity, belongings strewn about the rooms afford many hiding places for bedbugs and impedes the treatment process.


All flooring should be cleaned and vacuumed.  All couch cushions and bottoms of drapery should be cleaned and vacuumed.  All items under beds and closet floors should be removed.

Don’t leave any open food out.  Animals should be bathed or treated for fleas as recommended by vet.  Residence should be vacatted for 3-4 hours.

A Spray application will be performed to the flooring and anthing 12/13 inches off of the floor (couch cushions, etc.) A fogging will also be performed on the initial visit.

When you return, get the air circulating by opening windows, turning on ceiling fans.

Once the application is made, please wait 2-3 days before vacuuming or cleaning flooring.

It is recommended to perform follow-up visits at three week intervals based on the magnitude of infestation.

How do I prepare for the Initial Roach treatment?
Prior to service, all cabinets in kitchen and baths must be emptied.  Store items in living room leaving counter tops empty.  Also, remove stored items off baseboard heat registers.  Upon completion, wait two hours before returning stored items to cabinets.  Do not wipe down or spray cabinets.  If there are any current problems in furniture items please empty out or notify the technician when he arrives.  If you will be away from the property on the scheduled day of service, please leave a note on the kitchen counter with special instructions or requests.
How to prepare for a roach bait application?
In preparation, we ask that you empty under your sinks in the bathroom(s) and kitchen areas and clear the countertops.  Your residence will be treated with a roach bait.  This bait is designed to eliminate roach infestations by actually feeding the roaches.  No sprays or aerosols will be used in this application.

To insure the effictiveness of this application, please do not use any insecticides after this application.  Sprays and aerosols will cause bait contamination.

It is essential that you maintain a clean home.  Grease and grime gives the roaches and additional food source.  This will slow the elimination of the roaches.

Your cooperation is essential in obtaining results.

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