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Ant Control


No matter how your house is constructed, where it is located, or how old it is, it could be invaded by ants.  In fact, ants are the number one “nuisance pest” in the U.S. They enter homes because that’s where they find food and water.  You can be a part of the solution by (see below):

Types of Ants

Carpenter Ant Pest Control Services


Clean up spilled food and beverages.
Take out the trash.
teamwork, team of ants costructing bridge


Seal doors and windows.
Keep rain gutters clean.
Pavement Ant, Tetramorium species-e, worker


Rinse containers before placing in trash and recycling bins.
Pick up and store pet foods before going to bed.
Ants Pest Control Services

Small Black

Trim trees and shrubs away from house.
Put firewood up off the ground and away from the house.

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